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Hello I'm Rey Browner; Owner and Operator of TruCraft Contracting & Service Company llc. I have been in the plumbing trade since 2007, and really do love what I do. I received my formal training at the Plumbers Local 5 Joint Apprenticeship School in Landover Maryland. It was a blessing to have found this program because it granted me not only the book knowledge gained in the classroom; but also an opportunity to get the more valuable hands-On field experience from working shoulder to shoulder with some awesome skilled veterans who poured into me and made me the craftsman that I am today.

I worked with some of the metropolitan areas top mechanical contractors for the first seven years of my career. Some of the companies that were instrumental in my grooming me were   John J Kirlin, Pierce Associates, and W.L. Gary; organizations such as these were largely responsible for molding my desire to strike out on my own and I thank those guys immensely. This dream became a reality in 2011 when I began the process of getting TruCraft C&S off the ground. 

I founded this company on unshakale and unashamed Christian values; and I remind myself of this on every project no matter how large or small. I am a firm believer that good character and integrity are the most important pieces to a successful business and I aim to build both daily. I believe that being an honest and hard working amidst so many that do the opposite is one the the calls that God has placed on my life and I refuse to let anything stand in the way of those things being what stands out when the TruCraft name is mentioned.

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